Your support now will save the lives of thousands of Afghanistan’s poorest and most vulnerable drastically affected by COVID-19.


We know the facts that COVID-19 is having a massive global impact. It has shut down entire countries and economies, as world leaders struggle to stop the deadly spread of this highly contagious pandemic and prevent overwhelming strain on health systems. But what you may not know is that as the virus starts to impact on poor countries, the World Health Organisation is deeply concerned about the effect it is going to have among various populations, especially among malnourished children, which is of particular concern in Afghanistan.

There’s huge uncertainty over the flow of much of Afghanistan’s food supplies, especially with unstable and unreliable borders. In addition, the country has followed the example of many others, imposing a complete lock-down on most of its citizens. This has meant the immediate closure of all businesses, except food stores, banks and pharmacies, and the shutdown of public transport, leading to fears of unregulated price increases on essentials like flour, rice and oil for the 80% of Afghans who live hand to mouth.

The lock-down announced by the Afghan government has had direct and immediate consequences on those working in the informal employment sector – daily-wage workers, agricultural workers, street vendors, small business owners and stranded migrants, creating an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

With no welfare system in place, no pensions to speak of, little to no access to even the most basic hygiene facilities like clean water and soap, no bank savings to draw from and no opportunity to earn even the smallest amount of money, Afghanistan’s poorest and most vulnerable are once again left with the very real threat of starvation and death. Their only alternative would be high-interest loans just to survive.

But there is hope …

With your help Serve Afghanistan will provide support through food security to 2,340 families, including almost 1,500 children, sustaining them through the humanitarian crisis caused by COVID-19. Serve Afghanistan’s team has been living amongst and serving these people for almost thirty years. Through our Community Development & Disability projects, we have identified the poorest and most vulnerable in the 81 towns and 29 communities where we are based. It is our goal to provide each of these families with 45 days’ worth of food and supplies, tangibly supporting them, helping them to stay as healthy as possible during the epidemic and saving them from the threat of the stranglehold of compounding debt.

Your financial support will provide each family with the basic staples for life:

50 kilos of flour
24 kilos of rice
2 litres of cooking oil
3 kilos of red beans
2 kilos of salt
3 cakes of hand-washing soap, to help stop the spread of the virus.

Please consider a donation that will bring hope to Afghanistan.

Approximately GBP £60 or US $75 will help one family (of 8 members) to have food for 45 days. We know that this is an extremely hard time for every country around the world, but the cost of COVID-19 on the war-ravaged poor and destitute of Afghanistan is dire.

Send your donations securely via the Donate button on the lefthand side of this page or give by bank transfer.

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Together we can bring hope,

Mandy Gillen

Executive Director, Serve Afghanistan

p.s. Please email us here at Serve Afghanistan ( to let us know of your donation, to ensure we can send you a receipt.

Ahmad’s Story (Name changed)

I am a day-labourer which means that every day I have to find work, to earn enough to feed my family. It is very hard to survive, but I am lucky to own my own wheelbarrow. It means that I can earn up to $3.50 in a day. From that, I manage to buy enough food, pay rent and sometimes pay for electricity.

Because of the COVID-19 lock-down, I have lost any chance to work and there is no hope for my family. Despite this, I have to try and earn a little money. I take my wheelbarrow to the market but the police keep chasing me away. No one wants to hire me anyway, they are scared I may have the virus. We all are scared. So what can I do? My family does not have enough food and there is no way we can even think about storing emergency supplies. We have nothing.

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