Our Projects


Central Region Community Development Project (CRCDP)
Kabul Province, Central Region

CRCDP aims to help the region’s vulnerable communities build up strong social structures to address local needs by developing and mobilising local capacities. Participatory learning tools help community groups identify needs, resources, and priorities and then develop their own local solutions.

Eastern Region Community Development Project (ERCDP)
Nangarhar and Laghman Provinces, Eastern Region

ERCDP works with the poor and vulnerable to build up communities and assist families with income generation through a sustainable animal husbandry system. ERCDP also provides Pashto literacy courses for adults and helps develop the Pashai minority language.

Kandahar Community Development Project (KCDP)
Kandahar Province, Southern Region

KCDP works in mobilising, encouraging and building the capacity and ownership of communities for their own development.

Kandahar Disability Project (KDP)
Kandahar Province, Southern Region

KCDP facilitates inclusive education of blind and deaf children in government schools as well as home-based education with their families.

Serve’s Hearing Impaired Project (SHIP)
Nangarhar Province, Eastern Region

SHIP works to improve the quality of life for people with disability by promoting rehabilitation, equal opportunities, integration and protection of the rights of the disabled, leading to their full participation in educational, economic, social, political and cultural activities in their communities.

Enabling and Mobilising Afghan Disabled (EMAD)
Kabul and Parwan Provinces, Central Region

EMAD aims to strengthen and empower people with disabilities towards full participation in every aspect of life – utilising rehabilitation, awareness, advocacy, education, as well as social and economic support.