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Board of Trustees

Serve Afghanistan operates solely in Afghanistan, under a volunteer Governance Board.

The Serve Afghanistan Board of Trustees has firsthand understanding of the unique needs and requirements of a humanitarian International Non-Government Organisation (INGO) based in Afghanistan. The Trustees each bring with them essential skills and expertise to ensure best practice and strong governance & oversight of Serve Afghanistan.

Serve Afghanistan’s Board Chair is an extremely experienced and respected INGO professional. The Board’s Treasurer, currently the Director of a renewable energy company, has held Finance Director roles within several INGOs. The remaining members, including a medical doctor and disability specialist, have all held or currently hold senior roles within INGOs across Central Asia.

The primary responsibilities of Serve Afghanistan’s Board of Trustees are:

  • Accountability – ensuring Serve Afghanistan operates transparently.
  • Strategy – working with the Executive Director and his Leadership Team in setting Serve Afghanistan’s long-term goals, mission and vision.
  • Policies – to give a framework within which Serve Afghanistan functions adhering to the laws of Afghanistan, the UK (where it is registered) and in accordance with international law.
  • Monitoring – making sure Serve Afghanistan remains true to its mission and its vision.
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