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Inclusive Education for disabled children

Serve Afghanistan has been working with Visually Impaired children in Afghanistan since its very early days. In 1993, It started working with Hearing Impaired children and established a school for Hearing Impaired children in 1996 which was handed over to the Afghan government in 2015. Serve was one of the founding members of ANAD (The Afghan National Association for the Deaf) and has been one of the major players in developing Afghan Sign language.

Over the years, Serve has funded the specialised training of hundreds of Master Trainers and more than 1000 teachers in Braille and Afghan Sign Language (AFSL). Those Serve Afghanistan teachers and trainers have provided life-changing special-needs education and resources to more than 3,000 visually and hearing-impaired children. Serve also has worked with others to develop sign language dictionaries and a grammar book, which are widely used.

Serve Afghanistan has invested a huge amount of time and energy into building awareness of the importance of special education at national and local government level and with the local community. As a result, it has played a crucial role in forming Afghanistan’s National Education Strategic Plan and a school-based Inclusive Education Advisory Committee.

It works closely with the Ministry of Education in training and building the capacity of special needs teachers and implements the Child Friendly Education Policy 2014.

Thanks to the generous support of our funders, Serve Afghanistan has successfully facilitated the establishment of 18 Model Schools that integrate special needs education into standard classrooms. As part of the initiative, the running of 14 of these schools have now been handed over to the Ministry of Education, allowing Serve Afghanistan to work on the establishment of 6 more Model Schools, the training of 300 Master Trainers in Braille, Afghan Sign Language (AFSL) and Inclusive Education and the funding and support of 33 visually impaired students through university.  

Serve Afghanistan is at present in the process of developing online study material on Afghan Sign Language.

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