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Serve Afghanistan has been involved in funding and the implementation of Community Development Programmes since 2000.

The primary focus of these programmes is to empower local communities and create sustainable livelihood opportunities for Afghanistan’s poorest and most marginalized families.  This happens largely through the formation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) for both women and men in the communities it works with and through them support Income Generation Initiatives (IGA).

Working closely with local community leaders, Serve Afghanistan has provided, animal husbandry training and livestock to nearly 4,000 families living below the poverty line.

In 2021, Serve Afghanistan will fund the training and equipping of more than 1,100 people in business and vocational skills, poultry farming and care, new agriculture techniques and rising of livestock. This will have a direct result in improving the lives of hundreds of extremely poor and desperate families. The SHG programme also contains leadership and management training and other elements which empower local communities to have confidence to make their own decisions. This teaches them to know how they can work together and how to implement the programmes themselves.

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