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Self Help Groups Kandahar Community Development Project

October 9, 2020 -

Aziz*, 34, is a member of a Self Help group (SHG) and lives in Spin Zyaret, Kandahar. He says, “I was unemployed. I didn’t have a main regular source of income for my family, and my life was too difficult. Sometimes I was doing work at a daily rate, which did not fulfil my family’s needs “

After receiving Small Business training, he got to know about how to start and run a small business, and how to keep records of the business. Then Serve Afghanistan helped him to start a small business of selling vegetables in the local market.

“Thanks are due to Serve, for making such learning opportunities for us,” says Aziz, “Now I have a main regular source of income, which can support my family, and I plan to develop my business using the lessons I have learned in the Self-Help Group.”

Aziz’s business of selling vegetables is money-making. Now He supports his family from the profits of his business.

Aziz is an active community member in Spin Zyarat. And now he is glad that he can support his family.

*Name has been changed

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